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Hobbit Installations can include a variety of scenarios and the compact nature of the stove makes it ideal for stove installations where space is restricted. The stove is a complimentary blend of traditional elegance and modern styling. The clean lines making it suitable for a wide range of decor situations. The stove is pictured with the optional stand which raises the height of the stove from 465mm on the standard legs to 615mm with the stand.

Many traditional small fireplaces, especially those converted to gas, need widening to incorporate a wood stove. The small footprint of the Hobbit means that this stove can be installed into a small fireplace without the need for remedial building works.

The Hobbit is a multi fuel stove that will deliver a reliable heat source with an accurate degree of control, economy and environmental awareness and the components of each stove are made using the stove makers material of choice, cast iron. Steel bodied stoves may heat up faster but fail to retain the heat and will cool off quickly.

The materials used in every Hobbit stove offer the best in strength, versatility and durability.

The throat plate can be easily removed to allow cleaning of the stove and flue without the inconvenience of removing other internal parts.

Every Hobbit stove whilst small in proportion has been rigorously designed, built and tested to comply with EN13240:2001 ensuring the best efficiency. The bodies of every stove is guaranteed for 12 years and all non-consumable parts are guaranteed for 5 years. This makes our guarantee the best on the market today.

Every Hobbit stove incorporaties the latest clean burning and air-wash technology. This means when burning either wood or coal the picture window not only stays clear but emissions and ash deposits are reduced. Hobbit stoves may be small but each has the power to extract every ounce of effective heat from the fuel used.

Hobbit Colour

For a small additional charge we can finish your Hobbit in any of the large range of colours available in the STOVEBRIGHT heat resistant paint finishes. Please contact us to discuss your own individual colour requirements or specify these requirements when you order online




Heat Output 4Kw
Flue Size 100mm
Height 465mm
Width 302mm
Depth 272mm
Efficiency 75%
Multifuel Yes
Airwash Yes
Clean Burn Yes
Cast Iron Yes
Approval EN Approved S.C Areas

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Multi Fuel Small Stoves

This unique range of compact stoves, quality cast iron multi fuel stoves have been carefully designed to incorporate the features of larger stoves, in a smaller package. The contemporary design is married with traditional elegance, making them suitable for a wide range of applications and situations.

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